Bachelor of Arts in Applied Management (Human Services) – Level 7

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Bachelor in Arts in Applied Management


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Autumn 2023


Persons in Charge (PICs), Managers, Supervisors & those interested in developing first line management capabilities


Autumn 2023 Date TBD / 10.00am - 3.00pm approx.




Date to be decided





The BA in Applied Management (Human Services) is a QQI accredited (Level 7) 3 - year degree programme created by, and for people working in the human services and non-profit sector. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to manage for the good of:

  • Services users
  • The organisation, and
  • People who work with it

In so doing, they become advocates for change and key influence makers capable of initiating, leading and delivering change that will result in empowerment and improved, quality service provision.

Successful completion of the course will lead to a BA Degree in Applied Management. This is a QQI accredited Major Award at Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).



After successfully completing the course you should have gained an understanding and insights into:

  • how leadership and the role of the leader is understood in contemporary management
  • the importance of leadership skills in managing change within an organisation
  • a range of leadership and change management models and tools in your organisation
  • the role, function and importance of the human resources function in the human services and non-profit sector
  • the legal context of Irish HRM operations
  • the HRM function's role in determining and delivering staff upskilling in a diverse organisation
  • critical thinking, emotional intelligence and action learning and outline their uses in the sector
  • how to apply these principles, processes and practices to improve your management capabilities and benefit your organisation, team and service users
  • how organisational objectives and the wider organisational environment determine how you work as a supervisor or first line manager
  • the role organisational structure and culture play in:
    • Normal day-to-day operations
    • Defining relationships between co-workers
    • Determining the quality of service
  • empowerment as an organisational concept, objective, challenge and resource
  • the financial management requirements, challenges and issues animating the operation of organisations in he human services and non-profit sector.


Programme Modules

The degree year provides the opportunity to enhance your research, analytic and advanced management skills to become an effective leader, one capable of achieving measurable change leading to improved quality of service provision. You will learn to:

  • Understand the political and legislative context in which human services & non-profit organisations operate
  • Critically analyse the current state of your organisation and map out potential futures for your organisation
  • Understand and resolve conflict within your organisation
  • Undertake project management to achieve change that tangibly improves the quality of service your organisation delivers
  • Design, deliver and oversee an individualised service informed by best practice and committed to quality


  • Project Management (15 credits)
  • The Manager as Coach and Mentor (15 credits)
  • Research Methods (10 credits)
  • Social Policy for Human Service Organisations (10 credits)
  • Leadership and the Learning Organisation (10 credits)


Click on the link below to view the BAAM 2022/23 provisional Calendar :


The course is assessed through a combination of assignments, online activities, written examinations and in-class assessment.

It is an applied course so you must be working at least 10 hours per week in an appropriate work environment.

Promoting best practice in services is integral to the College's mission. As part of this, we place particular importance on encouraging students to apply what they are learning - as they are learning - in their professional environment. Therefore, our learning materials, workshops and assessments are practical in nature. A significant proportion of assessment marks, for example, are allocated to applying what you learn in real-world settings.

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The skills acquired have been used by graduates to support their promotion within their organisations and to seek management opportunities within and beyond where they work.



Applicants need to have successfully completed the OTC Higher Certificate in Applied Management OR currently hold at least a Level 6 cognate* management qualification of 120 credits (NFQ) or more within the last 10 years.

Applicants are expected to be currently working in human services, community or not for profit sector and be able to apply their learning to a work setting.

Applicants wishing to transfer from another course will need to meet certain criteria.

International applicants must provide appropriate documentary evidence of proficiency in English (i.e. IELTS 6.0).


Applications for this course are accepted through our Online Application Centre. To apply for the degree, you will need to:

  • Satisfy the entry requirements for the programme
  • Provide a range of documents to support your application
  • Submit a personal statement explaining why you want to apply

Supporting Documents and Forms to Download

You will need to provide us with a range of documents as part of your application. These are:


  • Proof of identity. Common examples included scanned copies of a driving license or passport (for international applicants).


  • Educational Transcripts: These are copies of previous educational achievements that confirm you satisfy the course entry requirements. They could, for example, include a copy of your leaving certificate or a scan of a level 5 certificate. It is particularly important that applicants wishing to transfer from another course, or be considered for Advanced Entry, provide transcripts confirming they have completed a Level 6/7 course worth at least 60 credits (NFQ) or more in Social Care or Social Studies within the last 10 years.
  • Employment Validation: Formal confirmation that you are working for more than 10 hours a week in a qualifying service is required. Please use the employer validation form we have provided for download below.
  • Personal Statement: This document essentially explains why you want to take the course and how you see it helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. You can learn more about  What is a Personal Statement and Why is it Important and download a simple document that will help you write it.
  • Volunteer Form: You will need to complete a Volunteer Form if you are currently working as a volunteer.
  • International Applicants: International applicants are required to provide documentary evidence of proficiency in English and eligibility to study in Ireland before beginning an accredited course. A document explaining why it is necessary and what documents are required for a successful application can be found below.

​​We generally recommend you gather together all the documents you will require to support your application before you begin but our online application system will allow you add documents as and when you have them once you've begun submitting your application. You can learn more by visiting the Online Application Centre.

A Special Note About Protecting Enrolled Users

The Open Training College (OTC) has approval to offer students learner protection insurance in respect of Protection of Enrolled Learners (PEL) for this course.

Start Making your Application

All applications are processed through out application centre where you can:

  • Submit your application
  • Learn about what happens after you've made your application
  • Monitor the progress of your application

To visit the Online Application Centre, click on the link below.


Contact us if you want to know more about the course.

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