Introduction to Person Centred Planning

Person centred planning is now seen as a best practice approach in many human services. It allows an individual define their future for themselves and determine how/what services are needed to support this vision of a desirable future.
This course is a practical one-day workshop covering the principles, values and process of person centred planning. It will introduce you to:

  • The Person Centred Planning (PCP) process
  • The value of supporting a person to develop their personal profile
  • The key skills required to use it successfully; and
  • The process of facilitating a person and their circle of support to produce an action plan that will help them achieve their personal goal

At a Glance

  • Audience Care Workers, Health Care & Personal Assistants, Family or Home Support Workers, Community Care Workers
  • FormatWorkshop
  • Duration1 Day
  • AwardOTC Certification
  • Fees€95
  • Start DateAutumn 2019

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Who Is This Course For?

The course is aimed at people about to begin creating a person centred plan with an individual. They are usually inexperienced practitioners who do not possess a formal qualification. You could, for example, be a:

  • Care Worker
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Family Support Worker
  • Home Support Worker
  • Community Care Worker

Course Details

Learning Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the basic principles, philosophy and value-base that underpins a person-centred approach to disability and empowerment
  • Outline the main steps in the person centred planning process
  • Identify the key skills required by an effective person-centred practitioner
  • Explain to people how the person-centred approach can be used to empower them to make informed choices and decisions
  • Use empowerment as a criteria for evaluating the service being provided to a person


Topics covered include:

  • What is Person Centred Planning?
  • The evolution of Person Centred Planning
  • Person Centred Planning Values & Philosophy
  • Person Centred Planning – Key Concepts
  • Applying Person Centred Principles
  • The Essential Skills of a Person Centred Practitioner
  • Use Respectful Language
  • Actively listen
  • Engage in Advocacy
  • Recognise diversity
  • Exhibit flexibility in thinking & action
  • Engage in creative planning & problem solving
  • Next Steps

Taking the Course

A subject matter expert, with extensive experience in providing coaching/training to people working in the human services and non-profit sector, leads each workshop. The focus is very much practical reflecting the background of all our staff, who all have extensive first line experience. Their objective is to first help you understand the subject matter and then show you how to apply it in your working practice.

Discussion, collaboration and the sharing of experiences are actively encouraged in order for the workshop to achieve this. The fact that our courses are aimed specifically at the human services and non-profit sector means that the workshops are not just a learning opportunity. They have also become a highly effective way for people to network with their fellow professionals.

The Learning Experience

The Tutor’s View – Raymond Watson

How do you think the course benefits people?

I think the course works because it can make you think differently about your job and how to do it. Many of our previous participants have said that they never thought of their practice the same way again after completing it. Its’ also been, for a lot of them, the start of a longer educational journey. A few people who’ve taken the course have gone on to our degree programmes for example.

For the people using their service, if practitioners take a more person centred approach, then ipso facto the service should be better and be based on what people using the service want out of life.

What does the course mean to you?

I love delivering this course, the different way of approaching services, always causes some good debate and you see many people start to change their views on how things should happen in human services.

The Student View – Yvette Robinson, Nursing Services Manager to the Disability Unit, St Mary’s Hospital

The delivery of the course content was excellent. The tutor challenged participants on their current thinking, and in an enthusiastic manner, helped to shift the mindset to a more individualised service focus. This really helped with the smooth implementation of plans by the participants themselves.
Highly recommended.


Successful completion of the course will lead to OTC Certification. This will qualify you to take the Skills for Person Centred Planning, QQI Level 5 course.

Next Steps

Dates & Duration

The next day long course will take place in Autumn 2019.


The course costs €95 to attend.

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