Certificate in the Management of a Positive Behavioural Culture

The Certificate in Management of a Positive Behaviour Culture is an accredited programme that focuses on how to utilise and effectively manage Positive Behaviour Support in a way that will allow your team to:

  • Manage behaviours that may limit opportunities to be part of the community; and,
  • Allow the people they support to enjoy everyday relationships and activities

The course also explores management tools that can be used to ensure that key outcomes are delivered and maintained.

Successful completion leads to the award of a Certificate in the Management of a Positive Behavioural Culture. This is a QQI Special Purpose Level 7 award.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is aimed at supervisors and managers of human services for people labelled as challenging. It is also suitable for people aspiring to those roles.

At a Glance

  • Audience Supervisors, managers, or aspiring managers
  • Award Certificate in the Management of a Positive Behavioural Culture (7S15636)
  • Award Type QQI HET Special Purpose
  • Level on NFQ 7 (20 Credits)
  • FormatBlended
  • Duration12 weeks
  • Award QQI HET Special Purpose Level 7 Award, Certificate in the Management of a Positive Behavioural Culture
  • Credits20
  • Fees€995
  • Start DateAutumn 2019

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Cert Positive Behavioural Culture Graduate
Cert Positive Behavioural Culture Graduate
Cert Positive Behavioural Culture Graduate

Course Details

Learning Objectives

After successfully completing the course you should be able to:

  • Analyse the concept of challenging behaviour in relation to wellbeing and attribution theory
  • Design a positive behaviour support plan that is based on the use of proactive/reactive strategies and underpinned by a three-part assessment process
  • Prepare a management tool to ensure the consistent and person centred implementation of any positive behaviour support plan
  • Identify and think critically about the skills required by a person supporting another person labelled as challenging
  • Examine service policy responses in light of current legislation and human rights requirements
  • Evaluate models of support that promote a positive approach to managing support for service users who have experienced traumatic events
  • Explain the key responsibilities of a team leader implementing a behavioural support plan
  • Foster an environment that promotes a positive approach to managing support for service users who have experienced traumatic events
  • Identify and use practices that help to minimise conflict in the implementation of a positive behavioural support plan
  • Illustrate key methods in motivating the people who directly report to you to implement the elements of a positive behavioural support plan
  • Monitor the performance of the staff team in the operationalisation of identified standards using an internal quality management tool
  • Provide feedback to a staff team on the delivery of a positive behavioural support plan
  • Develop an action plan to deal with gaps identified within the periodic service review plan


The course is built around two modules.

Module 1: Supporting a Person Labelled as Challenging

The first module will provide you with the knowledge, skills and ability to generate a multi-element behaviour support plan for an individual who has been labelled as challenging. You will learn to assess a person using a 3-part assessment programme that consists of:

  • A functional analysis
  • A person-environment match
  • An analogue assessment

You will also learn how to conduct a periodic service review. This is an internal quality management tool that is used to ensure the plan is:

  • Implemented in a consistent manner
  • Maintained over time

Learning how to identify staff skill requirements that are needed to implement the plan and maintain quality of service on an on-going basis is integral to this.

Cert Positive Behavioural Culture Learning Objectives

Module 2: Managing Other People

The second module concentrates on the managerial skills and competencies required to direct the implementation of a positive behavioural support plan that will lead to clear quality of life outcomes for an individual.

You will learn to perform a periodic service review that is dependent on knowing how to:

  • Identify performance standards
  • Monitor staff performance in pursuit of these
  • Provide effective feedback to a staff team about their performance

You will also learn how to foster a positive, supportive environment for both other service users and the staff team.


Successful completion of the course is dependent on undertaking an applied piece of learning that will test your understanding of the module’s learning materials. This is a 5,000 word written assignment that will help you explore how your learning relates explicitly to your everyday role.

Taking the Course

The course uses a ‘blended’ approach which combines online learning, virtual tutorials and face to face workshops.

Our online learning materials are explicitly designed to accommodate the pressures that come with trying to balance work, life and learning. They make it possible to build study time around your work schedule. These are accessible through our learning centre which provides a platform for you to study, collaborate and communicate with your fellow learners. Regular online tutorials will expand your knowledge of the topic and answer any questions you have as you study.

Each workshop focuses on extending your understanding of the subject matter and helping you apply it in your working practice. The one-day session will be led by a subject matter expert who also has extensive experience in providing coaching/training to people working in the human services and non-profit sector.

Cert Positive Behavioural Culture

Discussion, collaboration and the sharing of experiences are actively encouraged in order for the workshop to achieve one of its primary goals:

  • Facilitating the application of knowledge and skills acquired during the course to address real world challenges in a practical and effective manner.

Underpinning all of this is our learning community. This is made up of tutors who have extensive first-line experience, learning support staff who understand the human challenges people can face when attending college and our learners who are defined by their commitment to supporting each other.

We believe this creates a learning experience that is unique to the Open Training College, one that meets the specific requirements of people working in our sector and improves the quality of service our users receive. This is known as the Supported Open Learning Model. You can read more about it here.

The Learning Experience

Meet Raymond Watson, Course Tutor & Creator

Cert Positive Behavioural Culture Raymond Watson

I was a manager of a community house that was home to 6 people labelled as challenging. I saw first hand how the development of a person centred, positive behaviour culture with a strong management tool enhanced the live of the people and increased their inclusion and quality of life. That inspired me to create a course that could help other managers.

All human services deal with what is deemed challenging behaviour and the key person in delivering an effective service for a person labelled as challenging is the manager of the unit. Regulation and specific requirements for service have made this role even more demanding.

The course should provide managers who are enabled (empowered) to manage a positive behaviour culture ensuring positive outcomes for all concerned, the service user, the staff and the organisation. One of the key components is the exploration of a management tool to support all the many components of a positive behaviour culture.


The course is certified as a Level 7 Special Purpose Award (20 credits) by QQI. Successful participants will receive a Certificate in the Management of a Positive Behavioural Culture. 

Next Steps

Dates & Duration

The next course starts in Autumn 2019. It runs for 12 weeks.


The course costs €995 to attend.

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