Disability Understood

This online course has been developed to help people better understand disability issues and to enhance the daily interactions and relationships with people with disabilities.

The course, which was developed by people with extensive experience in the field, tries to look at disability in a different way. Not as a challenge for the person labelled disabled (which it is) but a challenge to the person taking the course to see what they can do differently to include people with disability more in society.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is intended for anyone who wish to engage and participate with people with disabilities in, for example:

  • Their workplace
  • A local club
  • A community group, or,
  • A wider public setting

At a Glance

  • AudienceAnyone interested in understanding disability
  • FormatOnline
  • Duration10 Hours
  • AwardOTC Certification
  • Fees€99
  • Start Date Ongoing

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Disability Understood
Disability Understood
Disability Understood

Course Details

Learning Objectives

After successfully completing the course you should be able to:

  • Define what is meant by the term ‘disability’ and appreciate how many people have a disability
  • Identify the models that are used to define disability and explain what effect these have on people with disability in society
  • Outline the principles of disability etiquette
  • List the issues that can arise for a person with disability in work
  • Identify the legislation that governs disability in Ireland
  • Explain what ‘universal design’ is and identify the issues that need to be addressed if we want to create a properly ‘inclusive’ environment
  • Discuss the roles played by sport, the media and architecture in the inclusion of people with disability in society
  • Understand better what role you can play in increasing the inclusion of people with disability


  • What is disability?
  • Disability by numbers
  • A brief history of disability
  • The models of disability
  • Social model versus medical model
  • Disability etiquette, what is it and what is your score?
  • Person first language
  • Disability and the law
  • Disability in work
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Media and disability
  • Sport and disability
  • What is your role in greater inclusion?

Taking the Course

Our online learning centre provides access to the course. Particular attention has been paid to making it as easy to use as possible and to ensuring that you have access to the supports you will need to get the most from your learning.

The courses use a mixture of virtual books, courseware and videos to create a highly immersive learning experience. It is explicitly designed to accommodate the pressures that come with trying to balance work, life and learning so you can start/stop/pause as and when you require. This makes it possible to build your learning around your schedule not the other way round.

The learning centre contains a range of materials that will help you use the course and its resources. In addition you will also have access to our learning support staff who understand the human challenges people can face when taking a course.

We believe this creates a learning experience that is unique to the Open Training College, one that meets the specific requirements of people from our sector.

Disability Understood

The Learning Experience

The Tutor’s View – Raymond Watson, Course Creator
Disability Understood Raymond Watson

I recently spent some time looking at the disability awareness courses that were currently available to people. It quickly became very obvious that there were very few online courses out there that approached the issue in the way we, as a college, believe is most effective.

Disability awareness programmes have to place the learner at the heart of things and focus on how they can make a difference to promote increasing inclusion in society. A person with disabilities understands it’s a challenge. It isn’t enough for an awareness programme to acknowledge that. They must set a challenge for the learner and ask them to make the difference.


Successful completion of the course will lead to OTC certification

Next Steps

Access & Duration

Access to the course is available anytime. It should take you around 10 hours in total to complete.


The course costs €99.

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