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Certificate in the Manager as Coach and Mentor

This programme of study has been developed for the experienced manager who currently holds a senior post within the organisation or foresees holding such a post in the future. This manager is interested in further developing their existing professional competencies in order to progress the work of the organisation within the…...

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Managing for Regulation and Inspection

This 6-week course encourages the student to reflect on the importance of getting regulation right within their role and the impact regulation has on the organisation, staff and service users. Who Is This Course For? The course is suited for people working in a human service environment for at least…...

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Managing the HIQA Standards

This one-day expert-led workshop looks at HIQA as a management issue. It: Provides an overview of the HIQA standards and how they affect residential services for people with disabilities Examines the governance and management issues that must be considered when implementing HIQA Allows participants assess organisational preparedness by providing the…...

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Professional Development and Ethics

The accredited course focuses on the role and responsibilities of the first line manager in the social care and non-profit sector. It examines the personal and professional skills and capabilities required to occupy this complex role. As well as helping you develop your current skills and competencies the course will…...

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Managing Service Quality and Safeguarding

This accredited, professional course is the second module of our 2-module Fast Track Management course for PIC’s. It provides current and prospective supervisors and managers with the knowledge and tools required to manage service quality in a human services and non-profit organisation. The six-week course takes contemporary best practices in service…...

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Key Management Skills: Teamwork, Leadership & Communications

This intensive, six week course Key Management Skills – the first module of our 2-module Fast Track  Management course for PIC’s – will increase your ability to lead, motivate and manage a team in the human services and non-profit sector. After completing the certified programme, you will: Understand the critical factors that…...

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Essential Employment Law

Understanding employment law is an absolute necessity for first line managers because they are becoming increasingly involved in employment contracts and disciplinary/grievance procedures. This accredited, six-week course examines employment law as a management issue for the human services and non-profit sector Completing the course will provide you with detailed knowledge…...

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