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PLEASE NOTE: Applications for all CPD courses currently cannot be submitted online. Applications can only be made by post. You’ll find application forms for download on each CPD catalogue page.

Preparing Your Forms & Documents

A range of documents are required to support your application. These need to be submitted online. This section explains how to prepare your documents for electronic submission.

Watch a video explaining a number of different ways to unzip a file.

You can scan a document with just about any modern printer. Some have different ways of doing it but this video provides a good explanation of how to scan and upload a document to your computer.

Using your smartphone or a camera to take photos of your forms and transcripts is a very easy way to assemble the documents for your application.. This article shows you six ways to transfer photos from your phone to your computer.Perhaps the simplest way to doing this is to email the  form pictures  from your phone to yourself. You can download them from your email account to your computer and upload them to the application centre. There are also now a number of dedicated scanning apps for mobile phones which can help you with the task but taking a good, clear picture of the whole form/transcript should be sufficient.
Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application

Completing Your Application Form

The application form is organised into eight short sections. Any field identified with a red marker (*) will need to be completed before we can register your application.It is important to note that though you will need to submit all supporting documentation before you application can be formally considered, you do not have to complete the application form at one go. As long as you register your application and pay the application fee, you will be able to submit supporting documents or amend details right up until the application closing date.
Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application
Begin by identifying the course you are applying for using the two drop-down menus.

  • Choose the course category – Social Care/Management/CPD – you wish to apply for from the first drop-down menu.
  • Select the name of the course you are applying for from the second drop-down menu.
Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application
You must provide us with details of your preferred salutation., name, gender, date / place of birth and nationality. You will need to also enter your PPS number if you have one.

As well a scanned copy of photo identification, we will also need contact details for another person who we can contact in the case of emergency.

Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application
To upload a copy of your photo ID:

  1. Click the Choose File button.
  2. Selecting the appropriate file on your computer.
  3. Click OK.
You will need to provide your home address plus a mobile number and email address.

We’d also like your work number but it is up to you to decide if you want us to contact you using it. Finally, identifying how you first heard about the course will help us understand better how we can serve the educational needs of our sector.

This part of the application form is used by people applying to courses that have specific educational prerequisites. These are:

Social Care

  • Advanced Entry to the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Social Care (Disability)
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Professional Social Care (Disability)


  • Higher Certificate in Arts in Applied Management (Human Services)
  • BA in Applied Management (Human Services)

Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application

To upload copies of your second level (leaving certificate) transcripts, for example:

  1. Click the Choose File button.
  2. Selecting the appropriate file on your computer.
  3. Click OK.

The exact same process is used for uploading scans of your Further/Higher Education transcripts.

You can enter additional information about your prior educational experiences in the Education text box. Applicants looking to gain specific exemptions, for example, should use these to explain why their request should be considered. Any text entered should not exceed 2000 characters or approximately 300 words. We would recommend that if you are planning to provide further information about your educational experiences as part of your application, you write this beforehand and copy and paste the text into the application form.

NOTE: ALL applicants who are either working or volunteering in the sector should tick the Yes radio button.This will expand the application form and provide space for you to either:

  • Enter details of your employment history
  • Upload a copy of your Volunteer Document

Applicants to our Social Care courses will also need to provide us with a copy of their Employer Verification Form.

To upload a copy of your Employer Verification Form:

  1. Click the Choose File button.
  2. Selecting the appropriate file on your computer.
  3. Click OK.

Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application

This section is optional but should be completed if you have specific requirements or medical needs. To do this:

  • Tick the Yes check-box if you have any medical condition or specific needs

Any information you provide will be treated in strictest confidence but can be shared with your tutors if you feel it is appropriate.

Applicants to the following courses will need to provide contact information for two referees:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Professional Social Care (Disability)
  • BA in Applied Management (Human Services)
The personal statement is a key part of your application. It should explain exactly why you want to enroll in the course. We’ve provided a Word document designed to help you create one. It asks 4 questions:

  • Tell us a little about yourself
  • Where are you currently working / volunteering?
  • What do you hope to achieve in your career in the future?
  • Why do you want to take the course and how will the course help you achieve your goals?
We strongly recommend you use this document to write your personal statement by answering these four questions. Your replies should be short because your personal statement has to be around 300 words. Once you’ve written it, you can then copy and paste your answers into the application form. Assuming you’ve written it in Microsoft Word, you do this by:

  1. Selecting all of the text in your Word document by going to the Edit menu and clicking Select All
  2. Choosing Copy from the Edit menu
  3. Accessing your application form using your web browser and clicking in the Personal Statement text box
  4. Selecting the Edit menu in your browser and clicking Paste
Help - Submitting Your Open Training College Application

It is important to state that you do not need to have prepared your Personal Statement before beginning your application and you can modify it at any time before the closing date for receipt of applications. Like any of the supporting documentation, it can be added to your application once you have paid your application fee and registered to apply for the course.

Paying My Application Fee

Once you’ve entered the information required to register your application you will need to agree to the college’s terms and conditions. These are there to protect your privacy. You can then pay your application fee by clicking the Proceed to Payment button.

The application fee is €95 if  you pay by debit card. However, it is €105 if you use a credit card. The €10 difference is down to bank charges (we do not gain anything by it) and we urge applicants to use a debit card if at all possible.

After payment has been received, a mail will be sent to the email address you provided on your application. This will contain a username and password for your application management account.  This can be used to:

  • Add additional information to your application (for example, upload transcripts or forms)
  • Monitor the progress of your application
  • Pay fees if you are offered a place

It is therefore very important that you keep your application management account information safe and secure.

Once you’ve registered your application, we’ll review it and provide you with any assistance you need in ensuring that is ready for assessment and discussion.

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