How will I fit a Social Care degree into my busy life?

This is a question that we get asked all the time, and rightly so, because it helps the potential students to get their heads around the level of commitment required when studying a third level degree course.

So, during their research, one of the first questions from potential students is ‘How will I fit a social care degree into my busy life?’ The answer is because of the OTC learning model. It is a flexible and blended learning experience for the student which allows them to incorporate the commitment of a degree into a busy life.

Our application process includes a very thorough information session where applicants hear all about the level of commitment required during their studies and applicants also have the opportunity to ask questions that relate to their own circumstances.

shutterstock_2062184708 FlexibileLearning

The course delivery is very flexible because it is blended! So, what does 'blended' mean? It means that each student is facilitated by the OTC with in-person learning experiences in addition to online learning experiences. It is a blend of the two aspects and it is this combination of experiences which creates the richness of the learning experience for the student.

The blended course delivery option offers huge flexibility to the student also. It means that some students can continue to be employed in jobs that help to pay the household bills each month. It means that some students can continue to commit to raising their families and can still spend those precious moments with loved ones without sacrificing their career commitments.

The OTC has perfected this model of delivery over the past 30 years. It is award winning and called the Supported Open Learning model and it allows students to complete the course requirements at times that work for them and helps them to manage the competing demands of the adult learner.

Please feel free to discuss your particular situation with the OTC as you research your degree options.

You can always contact Conor on 086 0756580 or for more information.

There will be an Open Information Session- by Zoom - on Tuesday, June 9th, 2022 from 5.30 until 7.00pm - contact  or call 01-2988544 at any time if you wish to register.