Staff Training, Development and Education

Training your staff is vital to achieving the vision and mission of your organisation.

Quality Service

The Open Training College has provided quality service to disability agencies for the past 30 years. Providing bespoke training for many of the issues agencies encounter in providing a responsive service.

Super Support

Support at the OTC has always been at the core of what we do. Providing competitive costs, flexible delivery and clustered training at the agency itself.

Award Winning

Our models of learning are award winning. The college have won a national award for the supporting adult learners, an international award for blended learning and their staff have been identified as national Teaching Heroes by the National Forum.

Recent Projects


Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons

The OTC was involved in a project with St. Michael's House and the national federation of Voluntary bodies; building an online support to look at safeguarding. To date this online programme has been delivered to over 3000 staff members across Ireland.

Completion of this course provides you with the information you require to support your practice until you have to complete the HSE Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons classroom- based course. It is not a substitute for it.

Organisations have used the course to supplement safeguarding sessions at induction, as refresher for staff teams and as useful immediate resource when a staff has a question about their role in safeguarding.

Intellectual Disability Practice

The College have provided the Certificate in Intellectual Disability Studies to over 120 staff in various clusters across Ireland.

This one year programme provides participants with the tools to take a person-centred approach to supporting individuals with an intellectual disability. This will enhance their quality of life and allow them to achieve their full potential. See an article on one of the successful roll outs here


Social Model/Human Rights Training

The Open Training College were asked to develop a strategic training initiative that would help with the transition of service delivery from an institutional to community setting.

The College worked with senior management to develop a customised programme that would encourage staff to develop the skills, competencies and attitudes required to make the move a successful one.

Feedback from the training highlighted the fact that people felt empowered, supported and and motivated to facilitate the transition and were already applying the tools and techniques explored during the workshops to help residents take their first steps into the community.


Supervision for PICs

Supervision for PICs aims to equip PIC’s with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in order to provide effective supervision and support to frontline staff members working in residential units.

Understanding that PIC retention is an issue the College developed a course that supports PICs in one their most difficult areas, supervision.

The content is in accordance with the formal policy and / or approaches on Supervision in place within the organisation, national and international best practice and the relevant regulations as identified in the Health Act 2007 (Care and Support of Residents in Designated Centres for Persons (Children and Adults) with Disabilities) Regulations 2013.

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