Certificate in Training and Development

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Certificate in Training & Development


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01-09-2023 / Zoom Orientation Session (12pm - 1.30pm)


Multidisciplinary Team Members (Frontline and Managers in human Services and not for profit areas) involved in training or wish to develop their skills in this area.





08-09-2023 / 9.30am - 3.30pm



€699 (or €375 per module).


The Certificate in Training and Development twelve week programme provides participants with the tools to identify training needs and design, plan, deliver and evaluate quality and engaging training.

The course is aimed at qualified practitioners who wish to pursue a career as a trainer. The course is aimed at individuals already involved in designing and delivering training as part of a project; and team leaders, supervisors and managers required to plan, deliver and/or evaluate training in their workplace.



The Training and Development Special Purpose Award (6S3372) consists of two modules:

  1. Training Needs Identification and Design (6N3325) and
  2. Training Delivery and Evaluation (6N3326)

The certificate will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Develop and enhance your skills as a trainer
  • Provide you with the ‘Essential Trainer Toolkit’ that will enable you to confidently identify training needs and design, plan, deliver and evaluate quality and engaging training interventions
  • Help you understand your role with regard to best practice in adult education, group work, legislation, equality and diversity issues

 Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the course you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad range of knowledge of training and development practice and the role of training and development across a range of organisations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key principles and theoretical concepts underpinning training and development within a range of contexts
  • Apply a comprehensive range of specialised skills and tools to develop strategies required for training and development needs identification, delivery and evaluation in a range of contexts
  • Select from appropriate tools and techniques to identify training and development needs, deliver and evaluate a training intervention
  • Apply training and development concepts, technical skills and creative thinking to a range of contexts
  • Implement a training and development plan to include the identification of training and development needs within an organisation and delivery and evaluation of training interventions
  • Evaluate own learning and assist others to identify their learning styles and needs within a training and development context
  • Reflect on personal and professional practice, evaluating the impact on others within a training and development context

The learning outcomes associated with this award are outlined in the associated Component Specifications.


 Module One

Training Needs Identification and Design

(15 credits) QQI /FET Level 6 Component Certificate 6N3325 Programme Content: (2-day workshop)

  • Context of Training and Development and the factors that impact on its role and implementation in the workplace
  • Training Needs Analysis – ‘the how to guide’
  • How to design effective Training Plans based on identified needs

Unless otherwise stated, the two workshop/webinars for this module will run from 9.30am to 3.30pm with comfort and lunch breaks.

 Module Two

Training Delivery and Evaluation

(15 credits) QQI /FET Level 6 Component Certificate 6N3326 Programme Content: (3-day workshop)

  • The role and essential competencies of a Trainer Role
  • Best practice in Adult Training and Education
  • Training and Delivery in Practice – creating engaging and constructive learning environments Equality, diversity and disability in the context of current legislation
  • Integrating Evaluation into the Training Cycle – ‘the how to guide’

Unless otherwise stated, the workshop/webinar for this module will run from 9.30am to 3.30pm with comfort and lunch breaks.


Successful completion of the Award is dependent on completing the following assessments:

For Module One: Training Needs Identification and Design you are required to:

  • Write two assessments on the theory and concepts underpinning Training Needs Identification and Design
  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis
  • Design a Programme and Lesson Plan


For Module Two: Training Delivery and Evaluation you are required to:

  • Demonstrate your delivery skills
  • Evaluate a training programme of your own design


This may sound daunting but its important to understand the kind of supports we offer our students.

CIDP image


Supports Provided

The course uses a ‘blended’ approach known as the OTC Supported Open Learning Model which combines online learning, virtual tutorials and face-to face workshops.

We Are All Part of a Learning Community

  • Dedicated tutor throughout
  • Online international award winning learning resources developed for online learning
  • Access to learning technologies such as a virtual environment.
  • Tools to support virtual learning and off campus learning
  • Online activities to support assessment.
  • Face to face workshops/webinars, tutorials.
  • Assessment submitted, marked and returned to learners with feedback through electronic or other media.

For more information on our unique and award winning learner supports, see the on link below.

values passion

 The Learning Experience

The Director's View - Claire Hopkins

How do you think people benefit from the course?

This revised Special Purpose award gives the participants an in-depth understanding of the Training Cycle. The College will support you through your studies through its award-winning student support model. The course may give you fresh ideas, remind you of a past achievement or change how you think about an aspect of training. You will leave with the best practice tools and techniques to enhance your practice as a trainer and identify and meet your agency's training needs.

What motivated you to become a tutor in the first place?

I'm passionate about providing positive and worthwhile learning experiences. It underpins everything I do in the College as a designer and deliverer of meaningful accredited programmes.



The special purpose award is aimed at qualified practitioners who wish to pursue a career as a trainer, individuals already involved in designing and delivering training as part of a community development project; and team leaders, supervisors and managers required to plan, deliver and/or evaluate training in their workplace.

The qualification enhances any CV where you may want to go into management, training or develop your human resource skills.


Successful participants who have successfully completed the two components will obtain:

  • Training and Development Special Purpose Award (6S3372)
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To apply you must:

Be either 23 years of age when you apply, or
Have successfully completed a Leaving Certificate/QQI/FETAC Level 5 Certificate.

International Applicants must provide appropriate documentary evidence of proficiency in English (i.e. IELTS 6.0).



Applications for this course are accepted through our Online Application Centre. To apply, you will need to:

  • Satisfy the entry requirements for the programme
  • Provide a range of documents to support your application
  • Submit a personal statement explaining why you want to apply

Supporting Documents and Forms to Download

You will need to provide us with a range of documents as part of your application. These are:


  • Proof of identity. Common examples included scanned copies of a driving license or passport (for international applicants).


  • Educational Transcripts: These are copies of previous educational achievements that confirm you satisfy the course entry requirements. They could, for example, include a copy of your leaving certificate or a scan of a level 5 certificate. 
  • Personal Statement: This document essentially explains why you want to take the course and how you see it helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. You can learn more about  What is a Personal Statement and Why is it Important and download a simple document that will help you write it.
  • International Applicants: International applicants are required to provide documentary evidence of proficiency in English and eligibility to study in Ireland before beginning an accredited course. A document explaining why it is necessary and what documents are required for a successful application can be found below.

We generally recommend you gather together all the documents you will require to support your application before you begin but our online application system will allow you add documents as and when you have them once you've begun submitting your application. You can learn more by visiting the Online Application Centre.

Start Making your Application

All applications are processed through our application centre where you can:

  • Submit your application
  • Learn about what happens after you’ve made your application
  • Monitor the progress of your application

To visit the Online Application Centre, click on the link below.


Contact us if you want to know more about the course.

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