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Loneliness of the Long time Lock In

A blog that reflects on how being locked down provided us with an experience of loneliness and what this teaches us about how we support people.

Values are all we have


During a crisis, how do we plot our way forward so we deal with the issues but keep to our mission at the same time.

So what do social care workers do?

A blog on social care asking you, is social care the profession for you.

Are you looking for advice or support in accessing best practice educational opportunities for your staff?

Don't hesitate to contact the Open Training College. We have helped many people in the same situations as you're probably in. We try to respond within two working days. We hope to hear from you soon.

“Winners of the International E Learning Award for Blended Learning .”

― open training college 2016

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the OTC is proud of its unique role in Irish human services over the past 25 years. Yes, we work with many students. This not only provides the student with educational opportunity, but enhances the service they are on and in turn, improves the quality of life of the people who use the service.

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