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Supported employment is one of the key processes a service can use to implement New Directions. Support for accessing vocational training and work opportunities is one of the twelve personal supports that should be available to an adult with disability.

In July, the OTC interviewed Marian Hennessey- Roache, an Ability@work Co-Ordinator with Cope Services in Cork. Marian talked about how she engages with an employer when trying to support an individual to access work.

The Programme Director for short courses within the OTC including the popular Certificate in Supported Employment Claire Hopkins, interviewed Marian. The outcome is 2 informative podcasts that provide great insight into the complexities of setting up employment opportunities; and the success that every successful job placement brings to agency and service users/job seeker.

The employer is an important, if not essential, part of the supported employment process. These podcasts give you a look at the best way to cultivate and maintain relationships with employers. The employers are from small employers to multinationals.

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OTC Podcasts…

The first of the supported employment podcasts, engaging the employer is available now on any of these platforms.  Check the platforms in September for the second podcast in this series.

Contact us at, if you are interested in studying the OTC’s Certificate in Supported Employment. Click here for more information on the course mentioned in the podcast.

The College would like to thank Marian for her time, experience and enthusiasm in recording these podcasts.