Supervision - CPD

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Where you work...

  • Do you want better outcomes for service users?

  • Do you want to develop better professional relationships?

  • Do you want you and your staff to create  opportunities to reflect and link knowledge and practice?

  • Do you want to increase your confidence when dealing with difficult staff issues?

  • Do you want to reduce stress?

The Open Training College has worked with managers, supervisors and PICs across the disability and not for profit sector for many years.

The College has developed a 3-Stage approach to key training, education and skills development in Supervision with these questions at the core of the content.

  1. Stage 1 Supervision for PICs is an introductory 1-day skills workshop to the process of Supervision and is particularly suited for newly appointed Managers and Persons in Charge (PICs). See more details here
  2. Stage 2, Human Resource Management and Supervision is designed to equip the manager with the skills and knowledge to lead and manage staff members and staff teams effectively. This programme of study is structured on best practice approaches and key employment legislation. This stage also provides guidance on approaches to promote and further develop the Supervision process within the manager’s own area of responsibility and organisation. See more details here
  3. Stage 3, The Manager as Coach and Mentor has been developed for the more experienced manager who wishes to further progress their knowledge and skills in guiding, leading and supporting people to identify their strengths and attributes in order to fulfil their own professional development. This stage also encourages the manager to identify strategies that will assist in embedding best practice in respect to Supervision, coaching and mentoring within the organisation and wider environment. See more details here

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