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Loneliness is the only real disability

David Pityonak in his paper Implications and Recommendations For Policy Makers (2003), stated that loneliness is the only real disability (see the paper here). The Loneliness of the Service User People who are in services are lonely. They have very…

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What do social care workers do?

When asked by a person at a party what do you do, how would a social care worker reply? What is a social care worker? What do they do? An imagined conversation may go like this. Are you a social…

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Eurovision Disability Punk Revolution

[dropcap style=” box,”]P[/dropcap]unk has long been the music of rebellion. Best exemplified by the Sex Pistols and their lead singer who has since gone on to advertise butter, Johnny Rotten. The man who screamed into the microphone, ‘ever get the…

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People Planning

[dropcap style=” box,”]P[/dropcap]lanning is a big part of service provision. Supporting a person to plan their life is a massive undertaking. Think of your own life and if someone supported you to plan for every part of your day, year,…

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