Person Centred Planning

Staff training in person centred planning is essential when providing individualised support and care in a disability service. Training ensures you have a responsive work force that can support an individual to live the life they want to live.

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Positive Behaviour Supports

Any team that supports a person who exhibits behaviours that challenge must be well trained. the training should focus on seeing behaviour as a communication and understanding that poor wellbeing increases the exhibiting of these behaviours.

Training and Education for Direct Support Workers

All agencies to ensure excellent service must ensure that the people delivering the service must be educated in the required skills  and attitudes.

Comtemporary Disability Studies

Ensuring your staff are able to deliver an excellent service in the context of regulation and rights is difficult. For example, do you deliver New Directions -review how your service is doing here

The Contemporary Disability degree was created by people with extensive front line and management experience who understand the area and the issues that arise.


Heart of the Sector

The OTC work in partnership with over 220 organisations from the disability, human
services and non-profit sector. The College ensures that the programmes reflects the:

  • Current regulatory and public policy environment (including HIQA, New Directions, CORU and Assisted Decision Making legislation)
  • Challenges driving the sector, and
  • Contemporary best practices for managing them

Student Centred

All the programmes are designed to accommodate the pressures and responsibilities that staff face. Its mixture of workshops, tutorials and online learning will allow staff to balance their work, life and college commitments.

In addition, this approach reduces backfill costs for the organisation creating substantial organisational savings.

The Programmes are Designed For People Working In The Disability Sector

The courses are aimed at people working in disability services. The programmes are created by people with extensive first-line experience who fully understand the area and the issues of working within a service. No OTC course can be considered “off the shelf.” We work with the agency to build their own policies and procedures into the training.

Our courses for disability services include sexuality, empowerment & advocacy, quality and risk, working with families, autism, wellbeing and human service management.

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