The Conferring – Celebrate what you want to see more of


The highlight of any College year is conferring. The day when a College gets to confer awards on the students who have stayed the course, survived the modules and passed the assessments.

This event is no different for the Open Training College. The day is always a great day for the staff team, a day full of opportunities to talk to the successful candidates and their families and friends. For the families, it is an opportunity to celebrate an achievement, a major goal reached through the hard work of not only the student but the people who supported them through their studies. Their partners, children, parents, friends.

Another highlight is the student's address. One student stands up in front of their peers ands tries to encapsulate what it is like being a student of the Open Training College and the journeys they have all taken. The address has heard from many different students down through the years who have talked about their experience at the Open Training College. They talk about the hard work involved, the support needed and the joyous day when they complete their studies and gather up their award. The student's from the OTC  talk about the difference they make in the lives of others and how the OTC helps them to do this.

Tom Peters, a management writer from the States, states that 'we should celebrate what we want to see more of'. The conferring lets us see what people have achieved, some through difficult times, but it also allows people to see the possibilities. The College is proud to have had many of these days and many to come. What the College wants  to see more of, is people conferring from the Open Training College, aspiring to be leaders within human services, achieving the goal of supporting people to live the best quality of life possible.

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